Celebrating Town and Gown 2014 Is Right Around the Corner

On Thursday, September 25th, WIU alumni and Macomb community members will be kicking off WIU Homecoming 2014 with the 7th annual Celebrating Town and Gown event. This event celebrates President Jack Thomas and Mayor Mike Inman for all they’ve done for the University and Macomb communities. The celebration will be held at The Forum from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on September 25th with Magnolia’s catering the event.

Amanda Shoemaker, associate director of Alumni Programs, explained what goes on at Celebrating Town and Gown. “There is lots of mingling and socializing. It is just a great way to bring University and community members together and celebrate all that the two entities have accomplished over the last year,” said Shoemaker.

Another aspect of the event includes the awarding of specific honors from the Alumni Association. “Two awards will be given that night—the Honorary Alumni Award will be given to an individual who has done a lot for WIU (such as supporting the University, attending events, giving back in various ways, etc.) but who is not a Western graduate. The Town & Gown Award will be given to an individual who has provided exceptional service to both the University and Macomb.”

The nomination forms for these awards can be found on the Alumni web site at http://www.wiu.edu/alumni/recognition/criteria.php. Every year, the Town and Gown committee reviews all of the nominations and selects the recipients of the awards.

Speakers for the event will include Alumni Director Amy Spelman, President Jack Thomas and Mayor Mike Inman. A special announcement regarding the 2015 installment of Rocky on Parade will also be made.

Assistant Director of Alumni Programs Judy Eckerly explained her favorite part of Celebrating Town and Gown. “My favorite part would have to be the reading of the bios for who receives the awards and seeing the surprised look on the recipients’ faces.”

WIU alumni and friends should definitely come out and enjoy the celebration! Registration for the event is still open. Anyone can call 309-298-1914 or go online to https://www.wiu.com/alumni/ to register. We hope to see you there!


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