WIU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) Is Now Available Online

This fall semester, WIU has made it easier to obtain a master of business administration (MBA) degree. Why you may ask…well, you can now obtain a MBA from WIU from the comfort of your own home. Western’s online MBA program covers the same content and is taught by the same faculty as the face-to-face courses. And when finished, students receive the same MBA degree that is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

WIU has been offering online courses in the MBA program for some years, but there were some required courses that students had to take on campus, until now. The faculty members teaching these courses have worked hard to convert their course content to that that can be taught online.

WIU’s College of Business and Technology (CBT) Interim Associate Dean and MBA Director William Polley explained that the traditional face-to-face program is still available, but the University now offers the entire program online for those that would prefer that option.

“The traditional face-to-face program is still very much a part of what the college offers. A student can still take the entire MBA in face-to-face format at either the Macomb and Quad Cities campus (with some classes transmitted from one campus to the other via the CODEC teleconferencing system). I should emphasize that the content and curriculum have not changed. We have simply created an online section of a sufficient number of courses in the curriculum to complete the degree online. The student can choose between online or face-to-face for each of those courses. Get the face-to-face experience when your schedule allows, and take courses online when you need the extra flexibility to accommodate your busy professional and personal life,” said Polley.

Polley also explained that WIU alumni who no longer live in the Quad Cities or Macomb areas now have the chance to further their education with a master’s degree without having to move back to the area.

“Of course for many students who live and work beyond Macomb or the Quad Cities, online courses are the only option if they want their degree from WIU. Certainly many WIU alumni who live outside the immediate area may have had an interest in furthering their education with the same university and the same great faculty they came to know during their days as a student, but distance has prevented them from taking that step. Distance is no longer a constraint, and we hope to hear from some of our alums for whom this program would be ideal,” said Polley.

For more information about the new online MBA program visit http://www.wiu.edu/cbt/mba/index.php.


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