Homecoming Week Is Here!

Homecoming events have started and WIU students are full of spirit. As a member of a sorority, Homecoming is a very exciting and busy time for me. Every year each sorority teams up with two fraternities and we compete for points throughout Homecoming Week. We earn points for attendance at events, winning competitions, and showing spirit. The theme for Homecoming 2014 is “WIU: A Hero’s Homecoming. Who’s Your Hero?” This year, each team chose a hero for their team’s theme for the week’s competitions.

I am very excited for the Variety Show, which I am participating in this week. I twirled a baton in the Variety Show last year, but this is my first time dancing in it. I have danced my whole life, so it hasn’t been hard for me to catch on to the routine, but it will be my first time dancing with a partner. I would love to tell you the details of what we are doing for Variety Show, but it is all a secret; that way everyone will be surprised the day of the event.

Homecoming kicked off with Paint the Paws last Friday. That evening, the WIU volleyball team took on Denver. It is events like these where we can earn points through the Homecoming competition. You see, each sorority or fraternity member has to sign in when they attend a Homecoming Event; that way, they earn points for their team. On Saturday, we worked to Paint the Town, an event where each team went to various businesses and painted their windows.These paintings along with all of the other events during Homecoming week are judged by a mixture of WIU faculty and staff and Macomb community members.

On Sunday, it was time for Rocky’s Boat Regatta, an event where each team built a boat to race other teams. Last year our boat fell apart and our team member ended up soaked in the lake at Everly Park! Dec the Campus also took place on Sunday where we painted University building windows. Each event gets pretty competitive. Today, we have a Homecoming Kickoff Event and Dec the Office. Tomorrow is the big day I have been preparing for these last several weeks. That’s when we have the Variety Show! After that, our next Homecoming event is “Yell Like Hell” on Thursday. “Yell Like Hell” is very similar to the Variety Show except instead of dancing, it includes cheerleading, resembling that of a pep rally. Then, on Saturday, we will have our float in the Homecoming parade.

I spoke with a student worker at the Alumni House and a member of the sorority Delta Zeta, Kori McElroy. She explained to me that her favorite event is the Variety Show. “I really like the Variety Show; I wanted to participate in it, but was too busy. I like seeing how the different organizations interpret the theme. For example, this year, it’s interesting to see who each organization views as their hero,” said McElroy.

I asked McElroy what all she has been doing with her sorority to prepare for Homecoming. She explained that she has been crafting and making props for the Variety Show and Yell Like Hell, helping get things ready for Homecoming at the Alumni House (for her student worker position), and she will be walking in the parade with the WIU College Republicans.

Stay updated with my blog and read more about the Homecoming events because I will be taking pictures of the various Homecoming Events on campus and posting a pictorial blog later this week.


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