WIU-QC Riverfront Campus Continues to Grow

WIU’s Quad Cities Riverfront Campus Phase II has been completed and it opened for classes this fall semester. Earlier this month, on September 3, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, WIU President Jack Thomas, many other local legislators, university staff and community members gathered together for the ribbon cutting of Phase II of the WIU-Quad Cities Riverfront Campus.

University Architect and Director of Facilities, William Brewer explained the details of the new building. “It is a singular building that looks like three distinct buildings. You can see three footprints, but they’re connected at the second floor. It operates as a singular building so it’s called the Quad Cities Complex,” said Brewer.

The new building includes the College of Education and Human Services, the College of Arts and Science, and the College of Fine Arts and Communication. It is 100,000-square feet and cost $42-million to complete. Classes in the above mentioned colleges used to be held on the 60th street WIU campus in Moline before being relocated to the Riverfront Campus this fall.

Brewer explained that they chose to build the Quad Cities Complex because they are trying to consolidate to a single campus in the Quad Cities which will allow for more of a campus environment.

“We now have better facilities and the capacity to grow as a community. The City of Moline is also revitalizing the area surrounding the WIU-QC Riverfront Campus into community- and University-friendly development. The Quad Cities campus currently serves more than 1,300 students in Moline and at the Riverfront Campus,” said Brewer.

Phase 1 of the WIU-QC Riverfront Campus included the renovation of the former John Deere Tech Center, which now houses the College of Business and Technology, including the School of Engineering and WQPT-Quad Cities Public Television.

Brewer explained that Phase III will have an innovation center focus and the new building will have Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) lab space.

Watch the WIU-Quad Cities Phase II Ribbon Cutting video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1u9oANADT60.


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