Kickin’ It With Phi Sigma Sigma

Tomorrow, October 25th, my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma is holding a philanthropy event at noon. We’re preparing a kickball tournament to support school and college readiness. The kickball tournament will be held on the field across from the Campus Students for Christ Residence. Anyone can come and watch, but to participate in the tournament, it costs $30 per team. If you don’t want to play kickball, you can still come and enjoy the event; there will be a bags tournament, raffles, food and drinks, and lots of music.

The funds raised from this event will go to my sorority’s fairly new philanthropic cause, school and college readiness. The money will fund numerous book scholarships which will be available to incoming WIU freshman.

Phi Sigma Sigma has already raised $864 dollars; $300 from team registration (so far), $164 from “Pie a Phi Sig”, and $400 from donations. “Pie a Phi Sig” was a new fundraiser we did this year. Anyone could pie any member of my sorority in the face for $1. Being pied was definitely a messy experience, but it was worth it!

Phi Sigma Sigma Philanthropy Chair Lorinda Golab explained how they are almost to their fundraising goal this year. “Our goal this year is to make $1000. We’ve already made almost twice as much as we did last year. It already feels really rewarding so far knowing that we are improving and knowing that all of the money goes to a really great cause,” said Golab.

I love our new philanthropic cause because we get to help out the local schools, even at the collegiate level. It’s really cool to see first hand how the School and College Readiness fund helps students. Not only does this fund provide for numerous book scholarships, but it will also helps us buy school supplies for children at the local schools.

Although this has been our philanthropy for just a year, we already saw how much the money we raised last year benefit the students who received our book scholarships. Phi Sigma Sigma President Katie Campagna explained why the philanthropy is so important to her. “This philanthropy is important to me because I’m a special education major and I’ve seen many schools undergo budget cuts; this philanthropic cause allows Phi Sigma Sigma to help with that. Being a part of helping someone with their education is such a gratifying feeling.”

To sign up for the event, contact Lorinda Golab at or visit For more information on my sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma), go to

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