Thanksgiving Break Flew By

I really enjoyed Thanksgiving Break this year. Sometimes I get bored on break, but this year I stayed very busy. As soon as break started, I spent my Saturday waitressing at The Forum for the 5th Annual VIBE (Volunteers Interested in Benefiting Everyone) Fundraising Auction. Although I was just there for work, it was great seeing everyone come together to raise money for such a good cause; it made me proud to be a part of the Macomb community.

A few of my friends hadn’t left for break yet so on Sunday I went to the Sports Corner and had dinner with them. I finally headed home to see my family on Monday and had to help my mom get our house ready for Thanksgiving; we had to make many trips to the grocery store.

On Tuesday night, I pulled an all-nighter finishing my research paper for my journalism class. It wasn’t due until Thursday, but once I started on it, I couldn’t stop. Then on Wednesday, I caught up with my high school friends. It’s fun talking to them and hearing how they are doing in school; it’s interesting to see how their paths have changed since they graduated from high school. My path changed extremely because when I was a freshman I was a psychology major and now I’m a broadcasting and journalism major.

Thursday was the big turkey day!! My aunt came all the way from Florida to have Thanksgiving with us; I hadn’t seen her in a few years so that was exciting. We all had a great time enjoying the food, laughter and conversation. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is getting to see all my little cousins; every time I see them, they’ve grown a ton.

After the Thanksgiving feast at our house, we left for our grandma’s house where we had Thanksgiving with her. This meant we missed out on the early Black Friday sales….that started on Thanksgiving day. I’m really disappointed with the Black Friday sales now starting on Thursday; many sales started at 6 p.m. Thursday evening and at that time, I was still spending time with my family. It’s sad that people will now miss out on family time to try and get a good deal; however, my mom and I did venture out for Black Friday shopping after our family celebrations concluded. We headed Quincy around 10 p.m. I bought a few presents for my friends and family. There were some good deals so I’m glad we went. Since the sales started at 6 p.m., the stores weren’t that busy. I didn’t see the Black Friday craziness that everyone talks about. Everyone was super friendly, although, I did feel bad for the workers having to work on Thanksgiving Day.

When Thanksgiving was over, I started work on my sorority’s philanthropic event, the 5th annual Phi Singled Out which is scheduled for February 18th. It’s one of the most attended philanthropic events on campus because it is such a fun time. The event is based off a 90’s MTV dating game. We will have three mystery girls answering questions behind a sheet; no one will know who they are. Each female contestant will be asked a question and she has to select one of the two pre-determined answers. Before she does, a group of guys will then choose the answer they think the girl will select and go stand on that side of the stage. The young lady then chooses her answer and only the guys on the side that she picked get to stay in the game. It gets narrowed down until there is one guy left standing and they then have to go on a blind date. I was one of the mystery dates last year and ironically the guy who ended up winning a date with me was one of my good friends. I always joke that I didn’t find true love through my sorority’s philanthropic event, but I did have a good time. Plus we raised more than $2,000 to donate to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which provides scholarships and educational grants for Phi Sigma Sigma collegians and alumnae sisters.

The Thanksgiving break was much needed because we have three weeks left before Christmas break and they are going to be very stressful. I have a ton of projects due this week, final projects due next week, and then final exams the next week. But don’t worry; I will still be blogging so keep checking in on this site.


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