Good Eats on Campus

There are many good dining options on Western’s campus, including a number of chains in the newly renovated food court in the Union, like Einstein Bros Bagels, Burger King, and Sbarro. Another great dining option is Colonel Rock’s BISTRO located in the old Lamoine Room. I visited both earlier in the semester to talk about them in a previous blog at

You might be wondering…what are my other options on campus if my stomach is rumbling…well, WIU has three dining centers. Students have the option to eat at Corbin-Olson Dining Center, Bayliss-Henninger Dining Center, and Thompson Dining Center. For students on the go, WIU has two in-hall convenience stores; there is one in Linc/Wash/Grote and one in Tanner. I love that each of the dining centers has a salad bar; it helps me make healthier choices when it comes to my diet.

In my opinion, the way WIU has its meal plan set up works best for students because you pay for each individual item versus a buffet style; a buffet style meal plan charges you a fee at the beginning of the year and no matter how many meals you eat (or skip), you would still be charged the same rate. A buffet plan would subsidize other students’ meal programs. I like that you pay for what you are getting at Western dining centers. Read more about the WIU meal plan and the meal plan options at

Many of us take our college dining experience for granted. Unless you can someday afford to pay a chef at your home, when will we ever get the chance to have all our meals prepared for us? Plus, being able to have so many choices is great. Now that I have my own apartment and cook most of my own meals, I want to go back to the days where someone cooked for me. Another benefit to eating in a dining center is getting to eat with our peers for each meal. “I’ve met a lot of cool people in the dining center. I love being able to eat with my friends,” said freshman, broadcasting major Nathan Schnaak.

Even now, with living off campus, I love eating in the campus dining centers because I’m someone who likes to have a little bit of everything; it’s nice to go to a dining center because there is a much better selection than what’s in my bare refrigerator at home. Plus, when you have such a busy schedule like I do, you really don’t have time to plan, prep, and cook meals. I eat much healthier when I just stop into the dining center because at home I will just throw some pizza rolls in the microwave and eat them. The dining centers really are the most convenient way to enjoy a healthy meal.

Junior, supply chain management major Haley Calvert explained how she loves going to the dining centers. “I’ve always had great experience at the dining centers. The workers are super helpful and the food is delicious. I’m on a budget so I appreciate that it is all for a reasonable price.” The dining centers’ staff is always putting out new items and having specials to keep the menu exciting and different for the students. This week the dining centers are offering a “Soup and Sub Extravaganza”. Sounds yummy to me!


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