Still Alive and Surviving “Dead Week”

“Dead week” is here. What is “dead week” you may be wondering…it is the unofficial name given to the week before finals. It is known to be an extremely stressful week where students cram for final exams. It got its name from the fact that most organizations are “dead” this week meaning there are no meetings scheduled. This allows students to focus on their studies.

As I have mentioned before, I am the president of Western’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). We had the last meeting of the semester last week so that all the members could focus on schoolwork this week. On the other hand, my sorority is still pretty active during “dead week”. We decided to still have chapter, our weekly meeting, so that we could install our new executive board officers. On Monday, I gave my first report as the new philanthropy chair; it went well.Then, Tuesday night, my sorority participated in the WIU Greek Life Holiday Lights Show. This Holiday Lights Show was a self-guided tour. The show started at my sorority’s (Phi Sigma Sigma) house, where people could pick up a map and ballot to vote on their favorite house’s showcase; then everyone drove to the 11 other Greek Chapter houses. The Holiday Lights Show ended at Cafe Aroma, where people could drop off their ballot and get some hot chocolate. After everyone watched the Holiday Light Show, they voted for their favorite decorated house. This year we won the People’s Choice Award. We also had a sisterhood paddle swap on Wednesday. This activity is similar to a Secret Santa exchange, but instead of buying gifts, we decorate a paddle for each other. We tell each other what we would like on our paddle; it can be anything. Everyone asks for something different. For example some girls will ask for a paddle with their favorite team’s mascot painted on it or some people will ask for their favorite celebrity to be painted on the paddle. I asked for a Taylor Swift paddle this exchange because she is one of my favorite musical artists. I am in love with her new album “1989” that came out in October. We also stayed busy over the weekend as my sorority spent last Saturday afternoon putting up holiday lights outside our house.

As for “dead week”, I have a lot of final papers and projects due this week; almost everyday this week I have a large assignment due. After I get done with all my projects and papers, I will start preparing for next week’s finals.

Although “dead week” is very stressful, WIU offers several resources that can help students succeed. One resource is the University Writing Center; it offers students one-on-one consultation for writing projects. Appointments will be filling up quickly so get on the ball and schedule one by calling (309) 298-2815. I went to the Writing Center last year and it was quite helpful. I like to be able to bounce ideas off of someone.

It is also helpful that the Malpass Library extends its hours during finals week so students have a quiet place to go for a longer period of time; the library will stay open until 3 a.m. all next week.

Everyone has a different way of preparing for finals. I prefer to study alone at home. That works best for me because at home there is no one to distract me. Some students like to pull all-nighters, but I personally think getting a good night’s rest works better than staying up all night to study.

Before we know it, finals will be here and then we get to enjoy the much anticipated winter break. Good luck to everyone taking final exams next week… May the odds be ever in your favor.


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